Rose Oil and Skin Care

Rose Otto - An Eternal Beauty Symbol

Known as the finest rose oil or "rose otto" in the world, the Bulgarian Rose Oil has always been and still is a symbol of love and beauty. Rose Oil and Rose Water have multiple skin care applications due to their well-known effects on improving skin tone and texture.

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Rose Oil and Petal Treatment

A Journey Into Bliss!By: Francoise Rapp

If you have not yet tried a warm oil treatment, you owe yourself--and your clients--this unique, blissful indulgence. Profoundly nurturing, this heavenly experience will transport you to an enchanted world for an hour. The rose fragrance delights your senses (even those who do not usually like it) while awakening your heart chakra. You are simply moved into a divine realm where you can only surrender.
To give my signature Rose Oil and Petal treatment, you'll need a small hot plate, like those to keep your coffee cup warm, and a stainless steel pan (make sure to handle the pan carefully when it's warm!). Pour a blend of sesame, jojoba, and sweet almond oils into the pan and heat until warm. Test the temperature on the inside part of your wrist before massaging. Add the following essential oils and mix well:

  • 8 drops of Sandalwood
  • 5 drops of Rose Otto
  • 3 drops of Jasmine

Create a sacred space by lighting a few candles. Throw fresh rose petals on the table first and have the person lay on the table face down. Placing your hands below the cradle, have your client deeply breathe the exquisite scent of the blend. Breathe deeply and regularly with the client. Start your massage routine, using mostly long and soothing strokes. Massage both front and back. Spread petals on the body after the massage.

A Special Tip from Francoise!

End your massage with a hot wet towel. Place a towel in a crockpot of water set on low before beginning the massage. Add two drops of Rose essential oil. At the end of the massage, gently wrap the client's face with this aromatic towel. Don't forget to test the temperature of the towel before applying it!

This recipe is an excerpt from Francois’s e-book: "The Aromatherapy Recipe Handbook".

Rose Oil / Rose Water For Different Skin Types

Normal Skin

Cleansing: Wash your face daily with a mild-PH balanced soap and water. At night cleanse with cleansing milk or cream containing rose or chamomile.

Toning: With rose water.

Moisturizing & Conditioning: Use a face-oil every night. Make your own by adding two drops of rose oil to three teaspoons of almond oil. Massage in with circular movements with your fingers across the forehead, around the sinus area, over the cheeks and chin; stroke up the back and front of the neck. Use a moisturizer containing rose or chamomile during the day.

Two to three times a week: Deep cleanse your face with a face shampoo in the morning.

Once a week: Use a refreshing and cleansing herbal mask.
Mix one tablespoon of kaolin with yoghurt; add one tablespoon of pulp of avocado/ grape/ peach; add two drops of rose oil or a teaspoon of rose water.

Dry and Sensitive Skin

Cleansing: Use a rose cleansing cream in morning and night. Do not wash your skin even with a mild soap. Use milk (to which a dash of turmeric has been added) as a cleanser.

Toning: Mix equal quantities of rose water and witch-hazel to tone the skin. Cucumber juice is also an effective toner for dry skin.

Moisturizing & Conditioning: Apply a few drops of face oil containing three drops of sandalwood oil, one tablespoon of almond oil and one tablespoon of castor oil. After five minutes, apply a moisturizer. Discontinue castor oil in summer.

Two to three times a week: A gentle face scrub with oatmeal and almonds.

Once a week: Use a soothing facemask. Mix one tablespoon of milk powder, half a banana, half teaspoon honey and yoghurt to make a paste. Add one drop of sandalwood oil.

Combination Skin

Cleansing: Wash your face daily with a mild soap and water. At night cleanse with cleansing milk or light cream containing rose.

Toning: Rose water mixed with witch-hazel

Moisturizing & Conditioning: Make two face oils - one with two drops of sandalwood and one tablespoon almond oil for the dry areas. The other with two drops of lemon and one tablespoon jojoba oil for the oily areas. After massage, apply hot towel to the entire face as compress.

Two to three times a week: Deep cleanse your face with a face shampoo in the morning.

Once a week: Use a gentle scrub (same as dry skin).

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Rose Oil Warnings

Rose oils are for external use only. Keep rose oils away from children. Avoid eye contact. Do not use rose oils during pregnancy. Rose oils are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Familiarize with pure essential oils before use.

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